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This song is in tuning F F F F F F



Moving steady from the demons.
Travel slowly into nowhere;
There are many things to do.

Oh how I wish I’d fed the hungry,
From my full and wealthy belly;
Instead of breaking backs for good.

And now I cannot look my family,
In the eyes for mine are empty;
Still there are many things to do.

Stop the beads of blood from jumping,
All across the desert ocean;
Give my broken back for good.

Rob Tear


Who the hell do you think you are?
What would Cicero tell you to do?
Where do I fit into all this confusion?
When do you expect this world to end; or has it already ended?
Why do centuries repeat themselves and whip us up into a tortured frenzy?
How? How? How much will you give for this all to be over?

I’ll bruise your time.
I’ll punch your face
With fists made from brine;
Don’t dare dry me up.

For I cleanse the grime.
And I leave no trace,
To this world of swine;
With eyes sewn shut.


The past is a song you often sing.
So softly, you never hear me call:
Till I hang off your lash,
And weave down your cheek,
To lay on your lips;
And salt your tongue.

At last your heart’s awakening.
So slowly, it now begins to crawl:
And in between gasps,
And through breathing creaks,
I say life’s not a ship
That should be sunk.


Instead, foresee what you soon could maybe hold.
The secret is for you to truly believe,
And hold on to that lone thought,
That one day you will call me from too much smiling.

Hold on to that lone thought,
That one day you will call me from too much laughter.

Hold on to that lone thought,
That one day you will call me for you’re in love again.

And you’ll be called baby,
They’ll say my little hummingbird;
Let’s build a home.

From Spider-silk,
With the other,
The other mountain-gems.

Drinking nectar,
In the sunny, sunny afternoon.

Teaching others of your songs filled with joy,
Of your songs filled with joy;
Oh with joy.

And with the setting of the sun,
Your heart rate will slow.
Slow, real slow.
You’ll fall asleep happy.
Slow, real slow.
Slow, real slow.
Real slow.


from And So the Fish Gave Away the Hook, released April 1, 2017
Tomas Bird & Magnus Collie & Sean Harkins



all rights reserved


The Madman's Cabaret Scotland, UK

Vision - A World where everyone inspires selfless good every day.

Mission - To create and Share; To Relate and Care; To be known as a man who made a positive difference.

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